We are mHe3 Productions. It’s more than a media organization. We are both a voice and image for positive change in the lives of others -encouraging, equipping and empowering people to envision their dreams and live life to the fullest.

What We Do

Our production company executes a wide range of multi-platform projects with messages of inspiring and provides contract services to many industries. Using online and television programming, our brands include talk shows, documentaries, reality series, and ancillary services with sponsorship opportunities for like-minded organizations, businesses, and professionals seeking a positive, hopeful vehicle to expose their offering to the marketplace. Our turn key professional television production services fulfill video needs for clients nationwide.

Why You Should Care

Through the power of television, videography, streaming online, and other vehicles within our growing multimedia platforms and channels, we reach hundreds of thousands of people domestically and worldwide, touching and changing lives every day.

How to Get Involved

Aligning with mHe3 Productions is your way to generate investment returns, inspire thought, and affect change within the lives of our audiences.

What’s in It for Audiences

Our goal is to generate thought-provoking content that inspires people to choose to experience every day fully, and make each hour happy. We seek to create the ability to carry forward hope and an unwavering belief in the capacity for change—in our lives and the lives of others