We were founded in 2008 by Janeé “I will not quit” Harrell, who had so very little money but so very much heart.  She started mHe3 Productions in order to produce meaningful media that is designed to make a difference in people’s hearts, heads and hometowns.

We produced our first national television series, Tour of Giving in 2009.  It highlighted people making a difference by … yes, brainiacs; you guessed it … giving!  What we learned is, the more we gave the more we actually received.  We guess somebody coined that phrase for good reason.

In 2010, we produced our second national television series, Revelations of Authentic Women.  (Grab your box of tissue quickly.  Tears will flow.)  In RAW, successful women shared their deepest, darkest and until then, secret struggles with each other and our audiences.  They used video journals and the sisterhood of other brave women to open the door to freedom and healing for themselves and others.  It was a sometimes very rough ride made all worth it by the Revelations of (these very) Authentic Women and their happiness at the end of the road.

In 2011, we began production for our signature series, The Janeé Show.  Guess where the name came from?!  The Janee Show is designed to challenge the status quo, by setting out to influence the way people think, act and give back to their communities. The Janeé Show is now in its second season (insert “YIPPEE” here), and Boy Howdy, do we have bells on!

In addition to the production of television series, we provide video production services for a myriad of small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits. We also produce live events.  From walking the red carpet to the runway and from outdoor festivals to corporate open houses, if you can dream it, we can deliver it.  P.S.  We can help you dream it!

Finally, we help our clients grow.  (Not “grow” like when your parents used to mark up the walls with a pencil to prove you’re growing, but REALLY GROW.)  We do that through our unique trademarked methodology called Performance Resulting Process™.  It was developed (and perfected!) by Janeé Harrell during her tenure in corporate America.

We are blessed at how far we have come on our mission to create meaningful media and could not do it without our talented team.  So now, without further ado.  (No, it’s not spelled “adieu”, in this case.)

mHe3 Productions’ Team

Janeé Harrell - CEO aka Leader of the Pack
photoJaneé is best described as a spunky ball of energy with a love for life and a mind for business. Prior to her career in television production, Janeé spent over 10 years in corporate America, working in the areas of organizational development and human resources. Her expertise includes leadership development, motivational speaking and performance consulting. When not at work, Janeé enjoys spending time with her husband, Randy Hill, and serving on many non-profit Boards including Girls Inc. and Big Brothers Big Sisters. FUN FACT about Janeé – Janee’ never goes to bed without a bedtime snack.
Shana Franklin – Director of Production aka Den Mother
shanaShana’s attention to detail and ability to keep the crew in order has earned her the nickname, Den Mother. She is responsible for coordinating all aspects of production from a logistical standpoint. Additionally, Shana researches unique production angles for clients and sponsors. Shana is a television veteran with over 15 years in the television industry, five of which were spent in the DFW market where Shana served as a reporter for local national affiliates. FUN FACT about Shana – She LOVES fountain Diet Cokes.
Jon Price – Videographer/ Editor aka Hater.
JonPriceJon is a versatile videographer and editor who has multiple national television credits to his name. His creative ability to capture content in a compelling manner makes him one of the top dogs with our clients. He can talk anything from world events to philosophy, but don’t get him started on his beloved San Francisco 49ers; you’ll never escape. FUN FACT about Jon – Jon has 7-ft life-size replicas of Hannibal Lecter and Freddie Kruger, but don’t be scared. Well, maybe a little.
Cassy Lawson – Event Supervisor aka Event Diva
Cassy coordinates all aspects of our live events, from selecting venues to working with vendors and assisting with your event needs as a client. Her ability to pull off major events and not miss a beat has earned her the title of Event Diva. FUN FACT about Cassy – Cassy RARELY misses watching The Texas Rangers.
Charla Arnold – Community Liaison aka Charcoal
SHOWIMAGEDearest Charcoal. (Heavy sigh and smile.) Charla’s love for people, zeal for life and service mentality all combine into one lovely package that helps us help you, (our clients!), in a myriad of ways. FUN FACT about Charla – Charla carried the Olympic Torch in 2002.